How to Give Pills and Medicine to a Dog

If  you’ve ever had to try and get your dog to take pills after a visit to the vets, you’ll know only too well what a performance it can easily turn into. Dogs aren’t stupid and will almost certainly immediately spit the pill out. There’s always the option of holding your dog down, forcing the pill into their mouth and then holding it closed for a while in the hope that they swallow it, but this still isn’t guaranteed and no one likes to feel like a bully!

So we’ve put together a few helpful hints and tips on methods that may work for you. Keep trying them until you find one that suits your dog, and if your pet ever cotton’s on to the trick you can just move on to the next method on the list. Good luck!

Hints & Tips…

Invest in a pill crusher or use two spoons to crush the pill and then mix with as much wet food as needed to disguise the taste of the pill. If you normally feed your dog dry food the wet food will be quite a treat and the excitement of this should distract them enough that they won’t notice there’s a pill crushed in to it.

Hide the pill in something thick and tasty like pate, cream cheese or peanut butter and have two portions ready one with the pill in and one without, show your dog both pieces but give them the one with the pill first, they’ll be so eager to get the second piece they should just wolf the first piece down.

Feed your dog the pill mixed into melted cheese, the cheese is so sticky it will be virtually impossible for your dog to separate the pill from the cheese and if they like cheese enough they should just give in and swallow the cheese down.

Crush the pill and mix with water then use a syringe to squirt the medication into your dog’s mouth.

Pop the pill in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before administrating to your dog, it helps to disguise the smell.

Crush the pill and mix into yoghurt that your dog will quickly lap up.

Invest in a packet of ‘Greenies Pill Pockets’ 100% natural dog treats with a built-in pouch, ideal for hiding a pill or capsule so that most dogs don’t even notice there’s medicine inside.

Cut a hot dog sausage into bite sized pieces then push the pill inside, your dog should just swallow down each piece without even noticing one of them had a pill inside.

After disguising the pill in which ever manner you choose remember to wash your hands before feeding the ‘treat’ to your dog as they will be able to smell the left over scent on you after handling the pill and will grow suspicious.

Please note: some pills are designed only to be swallowed whole and allowed to dissolve slowly in your dog’s stomach so aren’t suitable for the crushing methods mentioned above. Always check with your vet first to see if medication is suitable for crushing.

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