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Saint Bernard Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK

Breed description: Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernard is actually a very gentle and friendly dog, despite being commonly associated with “Cujo”. They have a great temperament, are very patient and loyal, and are very tolerant of children. Of course it is important to socialize a Saint Bernard at a young age, but they are highly intelligent and easy to train.


St. Bernard’s, also known as ‘Swiss Mountain Dogs’ are famous for saving lives in the alps since the early 18th century. Because of their resistance to the cold, strong sense of direction and keen sense of smell they were able to locate and rescue casualties under the thick snow after storms. They are distinguished by their red and white coats and their hanging low eyes, and of course their size. The St. Bernard is a giant dog, typically weighing 140-264lbs and measuring between 27 and 36 inches in height.


The St. Bernard is a loyal and affectionate breed of dog and is great to cuddle with. They are very tolerant of children, but there is a threat of them knocking children over due to their large size. They are slow moving, patient and obedient.


St. Bernard’s are highly intelligent and easy to train. They must be trained not to jump from a very early age as due to their size this will pose as a problem if not addressed when they are still small. St. Bernard’s are not known to bark unnecessarily.


The St. Bernard is a messy dog to live with due to drool and hair shedding. They will require combing and brushing as often as daily, and they shed twice a year. They should be bathed only when necessary but their eyes need to be kept clean.



St. Bernard’s are susceptible to eye disorders and osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is hereditary in the breed. They are prone to bloat so it’s better to feed them 2 or 3 small meals in a day instead of one large meal to reduce the risk of stomach problems. As puppies this breed should only be taken on short walks whilst their bones develop, but once they are fully grown they will require a daily long but gentle walk to stop their bones from deteriorating due to their weight. Due to the St. Bernard’s thick coat they cannot tolerate heat and should never be left outside in the sun or in hot cars. The St. Bernard has a shorter than average life span of 8 to 10 years.


Saint Bernard Puppies, READY NOW!!!! 8 weeks old

For Sale

Saint Bernard | Lancashire | Listed on October 6, 2013 | £800

Hurry, last few remaining, (1 male, 4 females). Sally’s last litter of these beautiful Saint Bernard puppies. Mum & Dad can both be seen,…

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Saint Bernard Pups For Sale

For Sale

Saint Bernard | Devon | Listed on September 24, 2013 | £420

We have a beautiful litter of Saint Bernard puppies. There are 5 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. Puppies are ready for there new…

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