Buying a puppy – avoiding the scams

Puppies for sale

In the UK we love our pets, thats a fact. But unfortunately there are a variety of unscrupulous people ready to take advantage of our pet loving and trustings natures. Buying a new pet is an exciting time and whether you know the breed of puppy or kitten you’re after or not, it can be easy to be swept up by the moment and miss the warning signs.

99% of breeders are completely genuine and safe. But by following the steps below, you can ensure a happy and safe buying experience and enjoy your new puppy or kitten to the full.

Trustworthy Breeders

Trust worthy breeders will generally have one listing, at the very most two. Breeders with multiple puppies or kittens of varying breeds, at different locations around the UK should not be trusted.

If you find such a breeder it is now your responsible to help your fellow buyers and report the listings.

Early warning signs

When viewing a listing read the description fully. Is there lots of detail on the puppy, or kitten’s condition? Look at the photos, the more pics the better, but look to see if the puppies or kittens look like they’re from the same litter. Do they have similar backgrounds and are all the animals about the same size?

Use video

Some listings include videos, these can be really handy as you are able to view the conditions the puppies or kittens are being raised in, once again check they look the same as they do in their pictures.

Meet the parents

One of the most important aspects of any successful purchase is being able to meet the mother. Sometimes you get very lucky and can meet the father too, although this generally isn’t possible as breeders will travel the length of the UK to find a good stud father. Meeting the parents allows you to see temperament, and know these puppies or kittens haven’t been imported.

So check the listing description states you can view the mother, or confirm this in any correspondence, either over the phone or through email before viewing any puppies or kittens.

Deposits and money

Do not be tempted to pay a deposit or any money upfront before viewing the puppy or kitten. Even if the listing says there’s only one left, this is a ploy sometimes used to get eager buyers to part with their cash, and you may find the animal doesn’t exist. You must view the puppy or kitten before parting with your cash to make sure you are buying a fit and healthy animal.

Don’t let your heart rule your head

If a listing appears to good too be true, it probably is. Use your gut instinct, you know inside if it feels wrong, and if you have any question marks back away. Remember the more detail and information supplied the better, detailed listings with lots of pics are much more useful before making contact with a breeder. And if you spot anything untoward, report the listing to us right away.

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